About Us

July 17th, 2022

Our Vision: To be the most intelligent B2B software and services platform, where providers aspire to become "vetted" partners and businesses trust us to deliver the best guidance and solutions.

ShapeConnect's B2B matching platform provides tools to diagnose challenges and recommends top vetted software and services across marketing, accounting, HR, IT, Legal, CRM, ERP and more. Every business has unique needs, we'll make sure you have the right partners and solutions to achieve your goals.

Our Leadership Team

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Brian Zielinski

Co-Founder & President

Brian is an innovator with diverse business and military leadership experience. He has served as a Regional Sales Director and Director of Marketing for two multi-billion-dollar healthcare companies. In addition to his experience growing large brands, Brian has devoted much of his career to helping small-and-medium sized healthcare practices build individualized strategies to win in their local markets. As a Signal Officer in the US Army, Brian executed missions in Afghanistan and Kuwait that required him to assess new technologies and improve network infrastructure. Through his business and military experience, Brian saw the importance of identifying the right partner vendors to solve problems. He founded ShapeConnect to simplify the process of finding the best B2B software and services for an organization’s needs.

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Trevor Darling

Co-Founder & Managing Director - Strategy & Analytics

Trevor is an attorney and outside tax counsellor for large technology companies in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley areas. He has spent much of his career working in Ernst & Young’s corporate tax practice. Trevor focuses his practice on advising clients in their business transactions and structuring, with emphasis on corporate tax. In application, Trevor’s practice includes complex transaction analysis, diligence review and tax exposure mitigation in mergers & acquisitions and day-to-day business transactions, and tax reorganizations and planning for corporate and individual taxpayers.

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Anton Timms

Sr. Advisor - Partnerships and Diverse Enterprises

Anton has more than ten years of experience with capacity-building, funder retention, and partnerships engagement. Anton has devoted most of his career at the intersection of social corporate responsibility and community impact. He has built deep relationships with small to large companies, universities, local governments, and community-based organizations. His experience in managing complex infrastructure projects coupled with his excitement for culture-building has allowed him to gain unique experiences modernizing processes for various sectors. Anton has also built and facilitated revenue-generating programs to support emerging sectors and funder initiatives. He is continuously fueled by meeting passionate individuals where they currently are and building upon their successes to grow and scale their goals.

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Yvonne Petterson

Co-Founder & Sr. Solutions Expert

Yvonne has experienced all aspects of business ownership, from start-up to successful exit, having run her own company for 10 years (2007-2017). She is passionate about research and excels at finding unique, realistic solutions to any problem. Before launching her business, she worked for the global market research firm, Euromonitor International. She has experience consulting a myriad of entities including service-oriented companies, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and distributors, nonprofits and municipalities.

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Mark Kennedy

CIO & Sr. Software Expert

Mark is an experienced and innovative IT leader known for developing successful processes and effective strategies to improve a company’s profitability. He has led talented teams that serve clients through the analysis of equipment, budgets, network security audits, technology innovations and more. Mark specializes in software selection and change management, ensuring that new technologies and processes streamline operations and reduce burdens on employees.

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Kevin Sherman

CTO & Managing Director - Engineering

Kevin is an experienced full-stack software engineer, serving in several roles from early-stage start-ups and long-established enterprise organizations with a particular emphasis on financial platforms. Kevin joined ShapeConnect in the early days and has led development for most of the code that powers our platform.