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From Chaos to Clarity
Upgrade from Excel, Legacy Software and Cumbersome Processes to Automated, Interconnected Solutions that save time and facilitate growth.
Siloed Apps
Limited Operational Visibility
Duplicate Data Entry
Cumbersome Reporting
Inaccurate Job Costing
Interconnected Apps
Remote Operational Visibility
Integrated Data Flow
Customized KPI Dashboards
Trusted Financial Data
How We Make Your Software Transformation Successful
Software Selection
Compare top software matched to your specific needs.
Organizational Surveying
We interview leaders and frontline workers to understand current challenges and goals at every level.
Process Mapping
We map your company's processes to diagnose issues and highlight opportunities for efficiencies.
Workflow Improvements
We determine the types of software packages and integrations that will streamline your company's data flow.
Culture Analysis
We learn your company's culture and determine which software vendors have the right support and vision to be a long-term partner
Integrated Systems
We leverage our expertise and selection platform to identify software tools that talk with each other to synchronize your operations.
Hear Inside-Out Company's Story
Software Implementation
Guided deployment support to onboard, train and promote adoption every step of the way.
Data Migration Assistance
We help configure data to make it ready for new systems.
Sentiment Surveys & Evaluations
We survey your employees throughout the implementation to make adjustments and ensure new workflows are adopted.
Communications Plan for Staff
We supply you with emails and presentations to educate your teams about the different phases of the implementation.
Customized Training
We fill in where software vendors and VARs leave-off by providing customized training and guides for your unique configurations.
Tailored Dashboards
We help you custom configure dashboards and settings to optimize software to your organization.
Powerful Automation and Security Software
to Improve Operations.
No matter the industry or type of business. We find you the right tools to streamline and automate your processes. Here is a small selection of what we offer. Don't see what you need, contact us and we will connect you.
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Foundational Cyber Security Platform
Tax Compliance and Reporting
Communications and Training
Tell us about your software needs.
Selection You Can Trust
We connect you with the right software based on your needs, not as a reseller for any one software vendor.
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Gain insights about the costs associated with selecting the wrong software from our recent article featured in Built In.
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Meet Your Implementation Leaders
Mark Kennedy
Fractional CIO
Mark is an experienced and innovative IT leader known for developing successful technology roadmaps and driving implementations to improve a company's profitability. He specializes in software selection and implementation projects, ensuring that new technologies are integrated to streamline operations, enable remote work, and maximize financial visibility.
Matthew Kroll
Sr. Process Improvement Expert
Matt is a certified Master Black Belt with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He spent 11 year at Motorola leading operational improvement initiatives that led to millions of dollars in cost savings and revenue enhancements. He supports ShapeConnect clients with process improvements.
Yvonne Petterson
Sr. Solutions Expert
Yvonne is a former business owner of a product company with a successful exit. She also has experience as a market research analyst and possesses unique skills to evaluate strategies and software solutions for clients. Her support project managing implementations reduces burdens on the staff and drives company-wide adoption.
Darryl Treadwell
Change Management Lead
Darryl is a 20-year US Army Veteran with experience in HR and Organizational Development. He is a certified Project Manager and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Louisville. Darryl is instrumental in leading change management and developing communication plans and employees surveys for companies we serve.
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