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Growth Strategy

Many startups fail to get funded (or simply fail) for a very simple reason: they have a weak business model.

They don't go deep enough because they ignore the parts of their business they don't understand or don't want to address.

A VIP Day (my 1-day intensive) is the fastest way for entrepreneurs to get the clarity and direction they need to develop a first-rate business model that fast-tracks success.


Business Blueprint VIP Day
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Forget the do-overs.

You wouldn’t even think of building a house without a blueprint. Yet the vast majority of entrepreneurs don’t take the time to map out a blueprint for their business BEFORE taking action. 

This is why 70% of startups fail within 5 years.

You can fast-track profitability.

Folks love to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” But wouldn’t things be a whole lot easier if you had someone in your corner who does know?

That’s where I come in. Having spent the last 20-plus years advising entrepreneurs around the globe and across all industries, I’m here to tell you that you can fast-track success.

Building a business designed for profitability and growth takes more than a great idea and a social media account. It takes mapping out a plan BEFORE you take action and implement.

If you’re an expert in what you do, but have never built a business before, it can be hard to know where the landmines are, much less how to develop a first-rate business model that leads to profits, growth and funding.

Get the clarity and direction you need.

I set you up for success in one day by diving into the details of your vision to create your custom business blueprint — the foundation every successful business needs to grow, scale or get funded.

Together we define and refine your business model in real time so that you know:

  • The gaps you need to address.

  • The weaknesses you need to shore up or completely rethink.

  • The strengths you want to lean into.

Plus, you receive a custom Summary & Action Plan for your next steps.

This 1-day VIP experience is your golden opportunity to begin preemptively working through any pivots and course corrections without the risk.

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Startup Distillery is an early-stage startup consultant specializing in business planning, financial projections and go-to-market strategies that get my clients funded. (99% of my clients who have sought funding, have secured it — that's not a coincidence.) I’m like the expert that gets founders ready to go on Shark Tank so they know exactly what they’re doing — instead of wasting time guessing and pivoting.
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Diane Tarshis
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As a seasoned startup consultant and founder of Startup Distillery, I’ve spent 20+ years working with entrepreneurs across the US and around the globe launch successful businesses and secure funding. My extensive background in finance, retail, manufacturing and operations — as well as a Wharton degree and an exacting eye for detail — informs all the work that I do as I help entrepreneurs distill their ideas into growing businesses.

Project Phases


Your custom VIP Day will be broken up into 3 phases. (The call itself will take place on Zoom and will be recorded so you can refer back to it.)

1. Phase 1: Discover
This is where our mind-meld begins and I learn about the vision you have for your business. Imagine I can wave a magic wand and tell me everything.
2. Phase 2: Distill
This is where things get real and we dive deep into mapping the 5 key building blocks for your business, using a Google Doc template in real time. Together we’ll distill the jumble of: • wanna-do’s • should do’s • must-do’s and • don’t-know-how-to-do’s into a clear blueprint for turning your vision into reality.
3. Phase 3: Deliver
This occurs after our day together, where I distill things even further and then deliver your custom Business Blueprint, a transcript of our call together and your custom Summary & Action Plan.



Your VIP Day will take place in 1 day for a total of up to 5 working hours, plus a 1-hour lunch break and a brief afternoon break (to give our brains time to refresh).

What Is Included:

I will provide a Google Doc template of my proprietary blueprint. This is where we will work together, in real time, as we create your Business Blueprint.

During our day together, we will dive deep to define and refine the 5 key building blocks of an effective, sustainable business model, consisting of:

1. The problem you've identified in the marketplace

2. Your solution

3. Your products & services

4. Market landscape & target customers

5. Competitive landscape

What Is NOT Included:

Your Business Blueprint is a framework that pinpoints the 5 key fundamentals of your business model.

But this is just the start.

After our work together, you will need to do the additional legwork to dial in the details of your business fundamentals before you're ready to take action and execute. That's why I will be giving you a 90-day plan for your next steps.

Want to do it together?

That's why I offer a 90-Day Velocity Plan, which keeps you on the fast track by giving you the expert guidance, strategies and tactics to:

  • Address additional building blocks that some, but not all, businesses need as part of their foundation (e.g., location, management team, staff)

  • Dial in the details you can't avoid for the strong business fundamentals you need to grow, scale and get funded

  • Maintain your accelerated pace

  • Begin executing and implementing your plan

In most cases, it takes 3-6 months to develop a solid foundation and complete your blueprint. (Timing depends on how quickly you work.)

IMPORTANT: I make no representations as to the success of your business or any related fundraising efforts.

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