Coaches are called on to help leaders enhance their leadership effectiveness and business impact. While anyone, at any stage of their career, may benefit from coaching to improve performance, those who are motivated to translate feedback into behavioral change/actions will benefit the most.


Paired Coaching
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Coaching in pairs involves collaborative coaching where two individuals receive coaching simultaneously. Participants are provided with a structured framework to engage in guided discussions, goal setting, and skill development all designed to foster communication and promote mutual growth and accountability. The result is continued coaching between the pair, even after their ATS coaching sessions have concluded. The package includes bi-monthly sessions with the flexibility of additional check-ins, as needed, following the completion of a Leadership Assessment.

Individual Executive Coaching
6 months
delivery time

Individual executive coaching offers personalized guidance for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills. This tailored approach focuses on goal-setting, skill refinement, and addressing specific challenges based on information and data gleaned during the initial Leadership Assessment. The sessions provide leaders and executives with consistent and personalized support to foster their professional development and leadership growth. The pricing structure includes regular one-on-one sessions, typically twice a month, with the option for additional check-ins as required.

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We provide our clients with data to support their most critical people and team decision making such as hiring, promotion, succession planning, team and organizational development.
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Elizabeth Fleming, PsyD | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Elizabeth Fleming, PsyD
Business Psychologist
Elizabeth is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience dedicated to transforming organizations by delivering tailored solutions that cater to her clients' unique needs. Her expertise encompasses evidence-based approaches in talent and leadership assessment, succession planning, HR transformation, learning and development, and executive coaching. Her academic and professional journey showcases a dedication to helping organizations thrive through strategic, people-centric solutions. Elizabeth earned her B.A.S. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Duluth and completed her M.A. and PsyD in Counseling Psychology at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.
["Human Resources","Leadership","Strategy","Operations"]
Russell J Barcelona, PhD | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Russell J Barcelona, PhD
Co-Founder and Business Psychologist
With over 25 years of experience, Russ is an expert in leadership assessment, succession planning, organizational cultural transformation, and executive coaching. He combines scientific industrial psychology knowledge with keen intuition and a deep understanding of business. He has worked within a multi-billion-dollar organization's HR department and played a role in a national task force for testing and personnel research in the electric utility industry. Since 1997, Russ has partnered with two Industrial/Organizational Psychology firms; his client base includes Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, private equity firms, merger and acquisition due diligence activities, and entrepreneurial start-ups. In 2019, he co-founded Ascend Talent Strategies, Inc. Russ holds a B.S. in psychology from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota and an M.S. and Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
["Human Resources","Leadership","Operations","Strategy"]
Julie Unite, PhD | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Julie Unite, PhD
Co-Founder and Business Psychologist
Julie brings over two decades of international experience across Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Her expertise centers on assessment, succession planning, organizational cultural transformation, and coaching for individuals and teams spanning various sectors. Drawing from her educational and counseling psychology background, Julie leverages extensive one-on-one consulting to help clients address workplace challenges effectively. Julie excels in training individuals and teams, applying techniques such as personality assessments, emotional intelligence, and team dynamics to facilitate their development. She is well equipped to embrace a multicultural perspective in all her endeavors. Julie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Adelaide, Australia. She earned an MSc in Organizational Psychology from the University of London, England, and completed her Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Northern Illinois University.
Robert E Young, PsyD | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Robert E Young, PsyD
Co-Founder and Business Psychologist
Bob is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in delivering leadership assessment services. He assists clients in identifying candidates that align with role requirements, cultural context, and future potential. Additionally, Bob provides team effectiveness workshops, individual and team development, succession planning, and offers practical executive coaching services. He also provides valuable support to private equity firms and client organizations in M&A due diligence and integration. As a Veteran of the United States Air Force, Bob consulted with command staff on a range of critical issues. In 2019, he co-founded Ascend Talent Strategies, Inc., driven by the belief that organizations investing wisely in their people will ultimately outlast, outmaneuver, and outperform their competition. Bob holds a B.A. in psychology from Hope College in Holland, Michigan and a Psy.D. in psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Project Phases


1. Leadership Assessment
A Leadership Assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of an employee's leadership capabilities and potential within an organizational context. This process typically utilizes a combination of methods, such as self-assessments, peer reviews, and objective performance metrics. The goal is to gain insights into the individual's leadership skills, communication style, decision-making abilities, motivations, and overall effectiveness in their role. The results of the Leadership Assessment provide valuable information for talent development, succession planning, and identifying areas for improvement or targeted training.
2. Coaching
Coaching is a professional development process designed to enhance the leadership skills, performance, and overall effectiveness of leaders within an organization. Through one-on-one or paired sessions with an ATS Business Psychologist, leaders receive personalized guidance, feedback, and support to address specific challenges, refine their leadership style, and achieve professional goals.


What Is Included:

Based upon assessment data and current employee needs, a formalized development plan will be created and shared with employee's leader. This document will be used to guide the coaching sessions.

Scheduled sessions 2x per month and additional communication with ATS coach, as needed.

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