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SOCIAL MEDIA AND COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Create and Grow an Online Community with Organic Growth Strategies
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We engage with accounts and communities tied to the top hashtags for your niche. We will help you grow an online community with informational and shareable content.


We promote your business and engage within niche Facebook groups (targeting Instagram accounts from Facebook groups and follow/engage with them) and LinkedIn groups.


We offer one-on-one coaching calls that will provide you with the next steps to grow your social media business.


We provide monthly reports and a social media calendar to review our social media strategy and check our content before it gets published. 


Social Media Management: Silver (Small Businesses)
1 months
delivery time

Suited for small businesses -with an established social media community - that are looking to gain more and new clients via social media.

  • 5 designs per week

  • Up to 20/hr month of engagement and growth services

  • Includes a monthly goal-setting strategy and a detailed results summary.

*This plan is cancellable by either party after 3 months, with 30 days advance notice.

*Payment is to be made on a monthly basis.

Social Media Management: Gold (Established Businesses)
1 months
delivery time

Suited for medium/big businesses -with an established social media community - that are looking to gain more and new clients via social media.

  • 1 graphic per day

  • Up to 40/hr month of engagement and growth services

  • Includes customer service on organic and paid ads

  • Weekly newsletter campaign

  • Includes a monthly goal-setting strategy, and a detailed results summary.

*This plan is cancellable by either party after 3 months, with 30 days advance notice.

*Payment is to be made monthly.

About AWD Digital
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Awesome Web Designs is a Toronto (ON) based creative studio providing the best Web Design, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing services Toronto has to offer. At Awesome Web Designs we are looking to get involved in new projects with great challenges, so if you think we may fit your project, I would be grateful to have the chance to talk about it over a coffee.
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Guillermo Figueredo | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Guillermo Figueredo
Founder, Owner
Guillermo is a web designer, and marketing consultant, helping small and medium companies achieve their business goals through web optimization, SEO, graphic design, and other digital marketing services.
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Riley Meyers | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Riley Meyers
AI Prompt Engineer
Riley thrives at the intersection of technology and innovation. A fervent advocate for the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence, Riley serves as an experienced prompt engineering educator, aiding businesses in navigating the intricacies of AI opportunities and challenges. Riley's career is shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences, fusing a background in computer science with expertise in coaching and comparative religion.
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Sarah Wright | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Sarah Wright
Sarah doesn’t sweat the small stuff, unless it’s a comma. After living abroad for most of her young adult life, Sarah moved to Toronto to complete a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations and Communications. Since then, Sarah has been the voice of several brands, the Editor-in-Chief of two print publications, and consistently the most fun person at the party.
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Rodrigo Renault | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Rodrigo Renault
Web Developer
Rodrigo is graduated in System Development and has been working with WordPress sites since 2007, helping many companies achieve their goals. With over 120 websites released, and 90% of them using WordPress, he has also helped some clients with other CMSs like Joomla and Magento.
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Sarah Command | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Sarah Command
Social Media Manager
Sarah is a social media manager and influencer strategist with 8+ years of experience. She have a diverse background working with luxury real estate, Shark Tank funded e-commerce brands, international music festivals, b2b, TV personalities, and more. Having grown her own social media following to over 70,000 and working with major entities (Grammy Awards/Mac Cosmetics/Karl Lagerfeld/Republic Records), she brings a unique combination of PR experience, influencer connections, and expertise to our clients of all sizes.
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Emilio Miguel López | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Emilio Miguel López
SEO Expert / Consultant
Emilio is at the helm of all SEO projects orchestrated by our agency, working closely with the SEO team. Emilio boasts a 9-year professional career in SEO and serves as an educator across numerous universities, master's programs, and business schools. In 2018, Emilio founded MadreSEOperiora, a Twitter profile disseminating SEO insights and knowledge derived from his extensive experience. While conventional agencies often propose isolated actions, Emilio's approach distinguishes itself by meticulously designing comprehensive strategies and harmonizing the various involved departments, resulting in the attainment of set objectives.
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Project Phases

  • ONBOARDING - 3/4 weeks

  • FIRST POST APPROVALS - 1/2 weeks


1. ONBOARDING - 3/4 weeks
- AWD team to receive marketing assets (png logos colour/black/white, video materials, Google drive with marketing assets, company insights, photos, etc.) - Company questionnaire sent and filled out by the client (short-term/long-term plan, monthly goals, brand inspiration, likes and dislikes, etc.) - Onboarding guide sent to the client - AWD team to receive social media accounts access - Content calendar sent and approved by client
- Post approvals began and sent - Engagement began - Analytics viewed - Market research continued - Content scheduled and posted
- Followup on current strategy/designs - Engagement and posting continued - Strategize next round of post approvals


What Is NOT Included:


Posts are designed in one batch per month to ensure consistency and strategic planning. Any additional content needs that arise during the month can be incorporated with a minimum of 5 business days' notice.

To accommodate urgent and unforeseen content needs, we offer an add-on service for last-minute post requests. For best results, please notify us at least 5 business days in advance. If you need a post urgently, we can expedite it within 24-48 hours at a rate of $125 per hour, except on Fridays and late Thursdays. This ensures your time-sensitive content is handled promptly and professionally.

  • This service is billed at an hourly rate basis.

  • The feasibility of incorporating last-minute requests depends on the complexity of the post and the specific requirements. 

  • Examples of common urgent post scenarios: Last-minute event promotion, event recaps or unplanned holiday posts or sales announcements.

  • If less than 5 business days' notice is provided, urgent posts can be created and posted within 24-48 hours. 

  • Last-minute post requests cannot be accommodated on Fridays or late Thursdays. Please, ensure that any urgent content needs are communicated before late Thursday to avoid delays.


Our revision policy ensures that your social media content is polished and aligns with your vision. Each batch of posts includes one round of revisions, with an additional round for minor tweaks if necessary. For extensive changes or new designs, our team is available to provide further assistance at a rate of $125 per hour, ensuring your content remains top-notch and effective.

  • We offer one round of revisions for each batch of posts per month to ensure your content meets your expectations.

  • If additional minor edits are required, such as tweaks to wording or slight adjustments, one more round of revisions can be accommodated.

  • For any major revisions or entirely new design requests, further assistance is available at our hourly rate.

  • Major revisions include significant changes to the content, layout, or overall design of the posts.


While our standard contract includes a set number of meetings, we understand that additional discussions may be necessary. Clients can book extra meetings at a rate of $125 per hour.

These meetings can be used for brainstorming future campaigns, in-depth consultations, or discussing post approvals. This flexibility ensures all your needs are met efficiently and effectively.

  • If meetings are requested beyond our pre-discussed terms of the contract, clients can book additional calls at our hourly rate.

  • Examples of common additional meetings: Discussing additional ideas for future campaigns or projects, addressing questions that require consulting outside of email communications or preferring to discuss post approvals or revisions via call instead of email.

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Social Media Management: Silver (Small Businesses)
Timeframe: 1 months
Social Media Management: Gold (Established Businesses)
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