Website Design and Development
HEARING CARE WEBSITE: An Optimized WordPress Website Template for your Hearing Business.
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Website Design and Development

With your new audiology website you will be able to:

  • Book appointments for each of your locations. Manage all bookings individually

  • Conduct Online Hearing Tests

  • Build Trust

  • Highlight services beyond selling hearing aids

  • Educate your customers

  • Add your branding and color palette to our Audiology Center template

  • Easily add new providers, locations, and services without the need for web designers/developers

  • 6 services, 3 locations and 9 providers (6 audiologists, 3 staff members) included

Need more features such as eCommerce integration or Local SEO? Consult with us for add-on services/features

We also provide web content updates by hourly rate: US$125 per hour


Standard Audiology WordPress Web Design Template
2 months
delivery time

WordPress Template

- Website architecture/structure diagram

- Responsive design

- WordPress CMS installation

- WordPress Stack included (valued at US$1203/per year):

  • Astra Pro Theme and Add-On

  • Beaver Builder Pro page builder

  • Beaver Themer plugin

  • Ultimate Addons plugin

  • Convert Pro

  • Gravity Forms Elite

  • Search and Filter Pro

  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro

  • GridBuilder Premium + GridBuilder Beaver Builder Add-On

Video & Image Preparation

  • Basic image file preparation* necessary to fit the intended final web format and web best practices.

  • Includes the research of stock images and videos* "for commercial purpose with modification" upon client request (purchases of premium images and videos not included)

* Preparation of up to 50 images and 5 videos. Extra images or videos will require a separate estimate.

* Images and videos provided by the client must be licensed or taken from a royalty-free source.

* Visible modifications will only be made upon request and may come at an additional cost.

Web Pages

  • Homepage:

  • Providers/Who We Are:

  • Contact:

*The Hearing Test Page will be created via iframe.

* $275 per extra website page.

Web Templates

  • Locations Single:

  • Providers Single (Audiologist / Office Staff):

  • Services Single:

*Includes the addition of content and images of up to 3 locations, 9 providers (3 office staff, 6 audiologists), and 6 services. Additional items can be added under our web updates hourly rate.

Hearing Centers Advanced Search and Filtering System

Locations Map:

  • Creation of taxonomies as a filtering system for all locations

  • Add maps from Google Maps, to display and filter the locations

  • Show a filters section designed and optimized for users who visit the site from mobile devices.

  • Filtering options: Checkboxes, radio buttons, labels, dropdowns, and more.

Blog Setup

  • Attract an audience and eventually convert them to customers or partners.

  • Connect with and share relevant information with your current customers.

  • Branded template design: The blog will follow the look and feel and branding of your current website.

  • Addition of user-friendly sharing tools to increase the scope of your content.

  • Import old posts from previous websites, if required.

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What Is NOT Included:
  • If your Hearing Center does not have a booking platform, we can help them pick and setup one for extra cost. Hourly rate basis.

  • If your Hearing Center does not have a hearing test software platform, we can help them pick and setup one for extra cost. Hourly rate basis.

  • If you want us to help you with the copy/content of your website, we can provide a separate estimate for these services.

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Standard Audiology WordPress Web Design Template
Timeframe: 2 months
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