This program delivers an integrated and personalized approach for building your reputation, gaining media visibility for trust and enhancing your customer experience.

We focus on the critical touchpoints with customers that before, during and after a purchase that can set you apart.

  • Brand & Web Presence Audit - To identify issues and areas of opportunity to boost the visibility of your business and define updates to convert more online leads.

  • CRM & Email Marketing for personalized audience interaction and improved conversions.

  • PR & Media Visibility to enhance brand reputation and reach new audiences.

  • Online Review Automation to boost your testimonials with less effort from your team.

ShapeConnect steps in as your strategic ally. Here's how we make it seamless for you:

  • Vetted Partner Sourcing: For each component of the program, ShapeConnect taps into its extensive network of industry professionals to source partners with a proven track record. Whether it's website development, email campaign management, PR expertise, social media strategists, or video content creators, we connect you with the best in the business.

  • Comprehensive Management: Beyond just sourcing the right partners, ShapeConnect assumes an active managerial role. We oversee the collaboration, ensuring that each partner aligns with the program's objectives and delivers the expected results. This ensures that all the moving parts of the program coalesce into a cohesive and effective growth strategy.

Expected Outcome with ShapeConnect: By entrusting the implementation to ShapeConnect, businesses not only benefit from a robust Online Growth Program but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having industry experts manage and optimize each step. The result is a streamlined process, minimized overheads, and maximized results, paving the way for enhanced online presence and revenue growth.

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Online Growth Package
6 months
delivery time

ShapeConnect will identify the right expert providers that fit your needs and budget to improve the following aspects of your digital presence.

  • Brand & Web Presence Audit - To identify issues and areas of opportunity to boost the visibility of your business and updates to convert more online leads.

  • CRM & Email Marketing - We'll setup automated nurturing journeys and produce a newsletter that enhance your customer experience and keep your customers and prospects engaged with your brand.

  • PR & Media Visibility - Enhance brand reputation and reach new audiences.

About ShapeConnect Inc.
Professional Services
ShapeConnect matches your company with vetted software tools and expert firms to solve your key challenges. Work with our dedicated business and technology advisors to streamline the selection and implementation of the right solutions for your business.
Company Experts
Yvonne Petterson | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Yvonne Petterson
Sr. Solutions Expert
Yvonne has experienced all aspects of business ownership, from start-up to successful exit, having run her own company for 10 years (2007-2017). She is passionate about research and excels at finding unique, realistic solutions to any problem. Before launching her business, she worked for the global market research firm, Euromonitor International.
["Management","Digital Marketing","Operations"]
Mark Kennedy | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Mark Kennedy
iCIO & Sr. Software Expert
Mark has led talented teams and served clients by analyzing equipment, budgets, network security audits, automation innovations. He specializes in software implementations and change management, integrating new technologies and processes to streamline operations, consolidate spend, and reduce employee burdens.
["IT","Operations","Data Analytics","Management"]
Brian Zielinski | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Brian Zielinski
Co-Founder & President
Brian is an innovative leader with diverse business and military experience. He has served Director of Marketing and CRM Lead for two multi-billion-dollar healthcare companies. In addition to his experience growing large brands, Brian has devoted much of his career to helping small-and-medium sized healthcare practices build individualized strategies to win in their local markets. As a Signal Officer in the US Army, Brian executed missions in Afghanistan and Kuwait that required him to assess new technologies and improve network infrastructure. Through his business and military experience, Brian saw the importance of identifying the right tech & software vendors to improve workforce productivity and drive efficiencies.
["Sales","Digital Marketing"]

Project Phases


This program is broken into phases for each key aspect of online presence. After the first phase, Evaluation, a roadmap will be delivered outline which of the items is necessary to optimize the company's growth strategy. In some cases, all phases will be necessary, in others, only a few will need to be implemented. The overall time frame will be tailored to your individual needs.

1. Evaluation
Evaluation: in-depth review of the company's current online presence and strategy to determine which actions need to be taken to improve online growth.
2. Branding
This phase may include a logo and/or brand refresh.
3. Website
This may include a new website or website refresh + optimization depending on findings in the evaluation. Your website is the foundation of everything you do online and should be modern, easy to navigate, include the ever-changing best practices for user experience. It also needs to be mobile friendly. It makes little sense to spend money on other digital marketing activities until your website setup for success and conversion. Everyone from potential customers to potential employees check your online presence today.
4. Social Media
Social media is a necessary aspect of both online and in person growth. In order to get the most out of social media, engaging with your target audiences is key. Because of this, it is often necessary to hire a social media management firm unless there is personnel capable of dedicating time for both design and engaging potential clients, referral partners, etc. In either case, best practices and a plan will be put in place during this phase.
5. PR & News Media Features
Once the foundational aspects on a company's online presence is established, a key tool for promotion and becoming established as in thought leadership and expertise within your field is PR. This goes beyond simple press releases. Our PR experts make you and your company the story, instead of just a single quote or press release blast.
6. SEO
SEO drives traffic to your website and helps ensure that those that visit your site are your target market. SEO and PR work hand in hand to deliver potential visitors that are likely to convert.



Guided partner selection and project management throughout the online growth program.

What Is Included:

During the initial phase, ShapeConect will evaluate your company's current online presence and will help build a roadmap for online growth that will include any of the following items that are necessary for success. They will help guide the selection for each partner needed and will help make sure each engagement is a success.

  • Personalized Website for brand credibility and optimized user experience.

  • PR & Media Visibility to enhance brand reputation and reach new audiences.

  • Interactive Social Media to foster community and amplify brand awareness.

  • SEO search engine optimization to ensure your target customers can find you.

What Is NOT Included:

Your Solutions Expert will not:

  • Create your website and digital marketing but will service as your guide for selecting the right providers and assisting in managing your projects and partners

  • Writing content

  • Make final decisions on your behalf

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Online Growth Package
Timeframe: 6 months
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