Accounting/Tax Compliance
Monthly Close, Reconciliation, and Update
D3 Consulting LLC
Accounting/Tax Compliance

This is a turnkey-level product for small businesses with roughly 60-80 transactions a month. Get all of your transactions categorized and posted, cleanup of general ledger, and monthly financial report showing your business performance.

Optional add-ons: budgeting, reporting against budget, as well as small business tax (depending on complexity).


Monthly review, reconciliation, and reporting
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Get all of your transactions categorized and reviewed, get all bank reconciliations completed, and get a monthly P&L with comments delivered by mid-month

About D3 Consulting LLC
Financial Services
D3 Consulting primarily works with small to midsize companies to provide fractional controller/CFO services. With a range of experience in finance, the founder, David Biel, specialized in jumping into corporate finance situations that were disorganized -- and created orderly processes and reporting to help the finance function flow smoothly. Following a similar playbook in the small to midsize business space, David has taken the accounting from a recently-acquired medical device company and brought the balance sheet and monthly reporting to public company standards. Additionally, David took a hospitality company that had never budgeted before and created a budgeting process, communicating with key leaders to ensure that the revenue and expense plans accurately reflected their business. David is proficient at jumping in and operationalizing finance.
Company Experts
David Biel | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
David Biel
Principal Consultant, CEO
I am an accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with a rich history of serving in the private sector of finance and accounting since 2007. My experience is as varied as it is deep, covering roles as a controller, treasurer, and in numerous analyst positions. This diverse background has earned me the nickname of the "Swiss Army Knife" of finance.

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Monthly review, reconciliation, and reporting
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