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The essential foundation for obtaining and converting online leads is a well-designed website and SEO structure that answers your target audiences' questions and builds trust. All other marketing can fall flat without a great website and SEO strategy in-place. Do you want a clear roadmap for what will accelerate your online growth?


Comprehensive Website & SEO Audit
1 months
delivery time

Our expert team at Awesome Web Designs will conduct a complete audit of your website and SEO to deliver you an actionable report on how to improve these critical areas of your digital presence.

  • On-Page Website SEO

  • Local Off-Page SEO

  • Technical SEO

  • On-Page Website Keyword Research

  • Assessment of current analytics tracking

About AWD Digital
Marketing & Advertising
Awesome Web Designs is a Toronto (ON) based creative studio providing the best Web Design, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing services Toronto has to offer. At Awesome Web Designs we are looking to get involved in new projects with great challenges, so if you think we may fit your project, I would be grateful to have the chance to talk about it over a coffee.
Company Experts
Guillermo Figueredo | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Guillermo Figueredo
Founder, Owner
Guillermo is a web designer, and marketing consultant, helping small and medium companies achieve their business goals through web optimization, SEO, graphic design, and other digital marketing services.
["Entrenpreneurship","Digital Marketing","Web Design","Web Development"]
Riley Meyers | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Riley Meyers
AI Prompt Engineer
Riley thrives at the intersection of technology and innovation. A fervent advocate for the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence, Riley serves as an experienced prompt engineering educator, aiding businesses in navigating the intricacies of AI opportunities and challenges. Riley's career is shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences, fusing a background in computer science with expertise in coaching and comparative religion.
["Data Analytics","Marketing"]
Sarah Wright | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Sarah Wright
Sarah doesn’t sweat the small stuff, unless it’s a comma. After living abroad for most of her young adult life, Sarah moved to Toronto to complete a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations and Communications. Since then, Sarah has been the voice of several brands, the Editor-in-Chief of two print publications, and consistently the most fun person at the party.
["Digital Marketing"]
Rodrigo Renault | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Rodrigo Renault
Web Developer
Rodrigo is graduated in System Development and has been working with WordPress sites since 2007, helping many companies achieve their goals. With over 120 websites released, and 90% of them using WordPress, he has also helped some clients with other CMSs like Joomla and Magento.
["Web Development"]
Sarah Command | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Sarah Command
Social Media Manager
Sarah is a social media manager and influencer strategist with 8+ years of experience. She have a diverse background working with luxury real estate, Shark Tank funded e-commerce brands, international music festivals, b2b, TV personalities, and more. Having grown her own social media following to over 70,000 and working with major entities (Grammy Awards/Mac Cosmetics/Karl Lagerfeld/Republic Records), she brings a unique combination of PR experience, influencer connections, and expertise to our clients of all sizes.
["Digital Marketing"]
Emilio Miguel López | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Emilio Miguel López
SEO Expert / Consultant
Emilio is at the helm of all SEO projects orchestrated by our agency, working closely with the SEO team. Emilio boasts a 9-year professional career in SEO and serves as an educator across numerous universities, master's programs, and business schools. In 2018, Emilio founded MadreSEOperiora, a Twitter profile disseminating SEO insights and knowledge derived from his extensive experience. While conventional agencies often propose isolated actions, Emilio's approach distinguishes itself by meticulously designing comprehensive strategies and harmonizing the various involved departments, resulting in the attainment of set objectives.
["Data Analytics","Digital Marketing","Leadership"]



-On-Page Website SEO

  • Detailed on-page SEO audit report that will set the strategy, scope and priorities for a proper SEO on-page optimization. Our audit includes a full review of: User experience - Site's content and keywords - Architecture and URL structure - Internal and external links - Google Search Console - Page speed - Open graph - Structured data and sitelinks *For websites no bigger than 10 pages. For bigger size sites, please contact us. *The improvements to the website will be estimated separately based on the provided report created with this SEO audit.

-Local Off-Page SEO (Google My Business)

  • Create a Google My Business local directory, designed to increase the chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general: -Upload company logo (square version) and cover photo - Create GMB Questions & Answers section with Website FAQ - Add main category, subcategories, and services (Industries served) • Add products (if required) - Add company description - Add business hours • Add primary phone number - Create GMB Shortname - Add store code - Create first GMB post - Link Google My Business in each of the regions where there is a physical representation of the business. - Set a strategy to obtain natural positive reviews in Google My Business.

-Technical SEO

  • Create proper Metas, Titles, Headings and Alt Texts, following KW opportunities, as well as Alt Titles for all Web Images* - Optimize URL structure, Breadcrumb Menus, 404 page, and set Canonical URLs - Google Search Console: • Specify a Preferred Domain • Optimize Robots.txt • Optimize XML Sitemap and URL parameters • Optimize/check index errors and crawl budget - Optimize responsiveness for smaller devices - Open Graph: Addition of featured images on all pages for social media sharing optimization - Internal and external links optimization - Force SSL/HTTPS (if included in the hosting package)

-On-Page Website Keyword Research

  • Research and report of keyword opportunities relevant to the client's business - Laying the framework for what future content on the clients site will be based on - Keyword instructions guide - Keyword difficulty report - Keyword monthly search volume report - Top competing webpages of keyword

-Assessment of current analytics tracking

  • Gap analysis of how your currently track your online traffic and conversions to ensure we can measure success for the long-term

What Is Included:

Actionable SEO report and two strategy consultation meetings to review your results.

What Is NOT Included:

At this stage, we will not be doing any work make improvements to your website or SEO. We can build a separate agreement to tailor a solution for enhancing your online presence.

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Comprehensive Website & SEO Audit
Timeframe: 1 months
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