Cyber Security
Havoc Shield Foundational Cybersecurity Program
Havoc Shield
Cyber Security

Havoc Shield's cybersecurity program delivers peace of mind with a dozen security tools under one roof for an affordable cost.

Like TurboTax helps simplify tax prep, we help walk you through setting up tools to monitor and identify cybersecurity threats in email, endpoints and more.

No technical jargon, no third-party resources to check in on. A full security program all in one place to let you focus on what you're good at and lets us handle the rest.   


Foundations Plan
1 years
delivery time

With Havoc Shield's all in one foundational cybersecurity program, you'll have access to following tool set:

  • Phishing training for your employees

  • Penetration testing

  • Universal password manager

  • Antivirus and anti-malware protection

  • OS & software patching

  • Security policy manager

  • Whole company data breach monitoring

  • Tailored threat watch alerts

  • Best-in-class support

  • Havoc Shield cybersecurity program verification badge

  • Monthly security status reports 

Over 60% of small business never recover from a cybersecurity attack, even with insurance in some cases. Don't risk the repetitional and financial hit. Ensure you are protected with Havoc Shield. 

Managed Plan
1 years
delivery time

Our managed program includes everything that is apart of the foundations program including:

  • Dedicated Advisor who project manages and implements your program for you with an accelerated onboarding and regular monthly updates

  • Regular live platform and toolset training for your team

  • Direct phone number and email

  • 30 minute calls up to twice monthly with your customers or partners to represent your cybersecurity program, explain controls, and provide evidence

No longer do you need to worry about making the time to setup cybersecurity for your company. Let Havoc Shield's implementations team rollout the tools for you, ensure your team is complying with new company standards, and send your admin team updated cybersecurity reports.

About Havoc Shield
Cyber Security
We’re people who have been in the hot seat before as CEOs, CTOs, IT managers, founders, and cybersecurity professionals responsible for keeping our companies safe from hackers and scammers. We experienced first-hand how difficult, time-consuming, and expensive that job can be and we knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we built Havoc Shield. We believe that access to professional cyber defenses belong in the hands of everyone because everyone is a target.
Company Experts
Brian Fritton | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Brian Fritton
I am the founder and CEO of Havoc Shield. I am focused on making cybersecurity accessible and easy to understand for businesses of all sizes.
Henry Moesta | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Henry Moesta
Senior Implementations Specialist
Determined to create processes that are efficient and dedicated to ensuring customer experience is the best it can be. Reach out to me with any issues or feedback!
Andy Edeburn | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Andy Edeburn
VP of Growth
Focused on connecting small businesses with the Havoc Shield platform so they can spend less time worrying about cyber threats and more time growing their business.
Daiva Butkunas | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Daiva Butkunas
VP of operations at Havoc Shield focused on streamlining processes and ensuring the customer experience fits the mission of the company.
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Foundations Plan
Timeframe: 1 years
Managed Plan
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