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Any great company requires an email marketing automation strategy to support their overall digital marketing strategy. Using a CRM to organize and communicate different messages to different audiences is essential to nurturing more sales from customers, prospects, referral partners and more. It takes an average of 8-touches to close a sale, which is why every company should have a customer journey map and CRM to maximize their growth.


Customer Journey Map & Email Automation (Companies 1-25 Employees)
3 months
delivery time

Our email marketing formula combines both strategy, implementation and tracking in order to support your integrated marketing campaigns, ultimately increasing engagement and conversions online.

  • Construction/Optimization of one re-engagement campaign and one welcome campaign.

  • Construction of up to four product/service automations.

  • Preliminary research on your current email database

  • Segmenting the email database

  • Contact scoring based on specific actions taken by prospects, past and current patients.

  • Scheduling basic email campaign

  • Providing up to 10 basic and customizable email templates

  • Email content creation for up to four products.

  • Creation of automated tasks necessary for follow-up with prospects, current and/or past patients

  • Setting up sales automation

  • Inclusion of CRM form on social platforms and website

  • Creating sign-up forms

  • Site messaging implementation

  • Construction of a technology stack of up to four external user software if needed (scheduling platforms, Slack, etc.)

  • Customer journey mapping

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We are a full-service digital marketing agency that creates and implements digital marketing strategies for small to medium size companies. Every decision made by V2M2 is based off of data, which is our mantra, D.R.E.A.M. or Data Rules Everything Around Me. Our holistic approach to digital marketing coupled with a deep understanding of user experience/interface, the customer journey/experience, social media, Search Engine Optimization, website development, content marketing, business processes and sales truly differentiates us from many other agencies. We are business people who do marketing.
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Project Phases


1. Research & Mapping

We begin by analyzing your customer customer journey and see how it aligns with your overall company goals. Our team will map a customer journey to close more sales and provide a better experience for people considering using your products or services.

As part of your new customer journey, we will customize an email marketing playbook based on your customer base providing all the data we have collected and analyzed, including segmentation of your lists based on the customer life cycle stage value of each lead. This will help to shape the tone of our messaging, the necessary automations and how frequently we should send out emails to the different segments in your email database.

2. Housekeeping

To ensure that emails are getting into your subscriber’s inboxes, we’ll look into organizing your existing database. This will include the correct segmentation of your database, determining contact and account scoring to help identify both interest and sentiment in your brand, as well as determining entry points into your automation funnel.

3. Content Creation

Working with you and your team, we’ll come up with guidelines on when and how often emails should be sent by coming up with a category of email types that you will be sending. From offers, to sharing updates and sending an e-newsletter, we will help you to match this with the different list/tags that we created to ensure that your emails reach the right people at the right time.

4. Tracking and Reporting

We want to make sure that you meet your goals and are getting your money’s worth. Therefore, we will help you to track and measure open rates, click through rates and bounce rates so you know how effectively your campaign has performed.

In addition, we will look into more granular data like top subscribers who have the highest open and click through rates so each of your lists can be further segmented and refined.


What Is Included:
  • Customer Journey Map

  • Setup of campaigns

  • Connection of software tools

  • Email content for nurturing journeys

What Is NOT Included:

Fees associated with CRM software.

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Customer Journey Map & Email Automation (Companies 1-25 Employees)
Timeframe: 3 months
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