Accounting/Tax Compliance
Strategic Accounting and Financial Management
Fates, Bodily, and Parker PLLC
Accounting/Tax Compliance

We provide personalized business accounting and financial management services for small- and mid-sized companies.


Tax & CFO Advisory Support Level - 1
12 months
delivery time

Our team of expert CPA's will provide strategic analysis to improve your tax position and answer questions

Our support for this level will include:

  • Tax planning & prep

  • Semi-annual meeting with a CPA team member

  • Balance sheet review

  • Bookkeeping assistance

Tax & CFO Advisory Support Level - 2
12 months
delivery time

For businesses seeking to accelerate their growth, our level 2 package brings deeper financial analysis and planning support to build a roadmap that enables you reach your goals.

You get all of the support offered in level 1 plus:

  • Quarterly strategic planning and advising meeting from a CPA partner

  • Monthly reconciliation and bookkeeping

  • Budgeting and profitability analysis

About Fates, Bodily, and Parker PLLC
At Fates, Bodily and Parker, we are dedicated to your success. We delve deep into understanding your business to enhance your profitability, optimize your tax position, strengthen your capital structure, and improve your benefits packages. Our expertise extends to boosting your acquisition potential and much more. Since our inception, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that we are eager to leverage to propel your growth and success. We add value to your company and assets, ensuring that our partnership helps you navigate the complexities of today’s fast-paced economy. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your business goals.
Company Experts
Tom Parker | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Tom Parker
Tom Parker has been advising closely-held businesses on tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, cash flow projections, gift and estate planning, and state and local tax matters since 2011. He works with clients in a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, health care and professional services, and real estate.
Tyler Fates | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Tyler Fates
Tyler Fates has experience in tax planning and tax service for closely held companies and their owners. He also has experience in financial statement audits and reviews, as well as performing CFO services to his clients. The variety of industries his clients are in include manufacturing, wholesale, professional services, real estate, non for profits, and small government entities.

Project Phases


We will work together on a quarterly basis to evaluate your business financial statements and make informed decisions based on trusted data.

1. Initial financial review
We will begin with an initial review of your profit loss statement, balance sheet, & prior tax return to understand your current position and accuracy of your financial data.
2. Continued Quarterly Financial Planning Meeting
After establishing a baseline of your tax and financial position, we will determine what work is required to ensure the accuracy of your financial data and assist you with tax planning and define ways to improve profitability.



Fates, Bodily, & Parker brings a 1:1 personalized approach to business accounting and financial planning. We know most small- and mid-market companies can't afford a full-time CFO; we seek to fill that void and provide companies with the financial clarity and tax advantages they need to grow their business.

What Is Included:
  • One dedicated meeting each month with a CPA team member

  • Support that ensures the accuracy of your financial statements

  • Balance sheet review and strategic recommendations

  • tax planning and preparation

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Tax & CFO Advisory Support Level - 1
Timeframe: 12 months
Tax & CFO Advisory Support Level - 2
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