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HighRes PR gets your business in the news. We have served a diverse array of medical practices in defining newsworthy content and positioning practice owners and staff members as thought leaders to local and national media outlets. PR brings trust, credibility, & visibility to your practice in ways that advertising in a crowded market cannot. Equally as valuable, PR enhances your online presence and boosts SEO as new links from trusted sites like ABC news or medical publications get published about your business. Let's get started on building your brand presence and standing out from the competition!


Small Business PR (1 - 10 employees)
3 months
delivery time

For your business, HighRes will repeatedly generate innovative pitches to secure media interest in the target demographic.

  • Using all channels available – broadcast, print, podcast, online and radio placements – HighRes will weave in each unique, localize pitch to pique interest of pertinent local media.

  • As HighRes secures every opportunity for local providers, it will inform the local clinician about what each interview will entail and coach/prep the rep who will be the interviewee.

  • Supplementally, HighRes will draft and/or proof byline opportunities, trade opportunities and media alerts as needed and arise.

  • After each placement publishes, HighRes will send the story link(s) immediately to the client, including clipped TV segments, so they can save for records and repurpose on social/websites/newsletters, etc.

Small Business PR (11-25 employees)
3 null
delivery time

All of the media outreach support and training but for companies between 11-25 employees. This tier gives multiple team members the ability to be featured in news interviews.

Mid-Market Business (26-100)
3 months
delivery time

All of the media outreach support and training but for companies between 26-100 employees. This tier gives multiple team members the ability to be featured in news interviews. It also provides greater national and multi-market coverage for larger or growing businesses.

About HighRes Public Relations
Public Relations & Communications
HighRes Public Relations is a tenacious results-driven PR agency. Unlike other firms, HighRes both generates innovative pitches that hit the mark and drives these messages home with media. HighRes researches current macrotrends, evolving news beats and media landscapes, and we ask our clients the right questions to get them in these conversations. HighRes pinpoints clients’ newsworthy qualities and weaves them into imaginative pitches, resulting in topnotch placements.
Company Experts
Matt Siegler | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Matt Siegler
Founder & Managing Director
Matt founded Highres PR to give small- and mid-market companies the opportunity to obtain the visibility and trust larger companies garner from PR and media engagement.

Project Phases

  • Prior to the 60–90-minute launch call, HighRes shares a list of research-based questions to serve as conversation starters and topics to flesh out.

  • During the launch call, HighRes takes close notes to then share back with the client thereafter, so they mutually ensure HighRes has precise details and messaging is aligned. This helps HighRes be an accurate extension of the client to media.

  • HighRes drafts 4-6 initial pitch angles for client approval within the same recap document after the launch call.

  • During the biweekly, 20-30-minute update calls, HighRes presents new ideas and asks clients key questions to generate new facets and pivots for existing angles and to create new ones as well.

  • HighRes conducts coaching-based media prep calls as wanted/needed for each client, whether for TV or quick phone calls with media.

HighRes emails news placements to the client as soon as it uncovers each from close media monitoring.



-Proactive media outreach:

  • -Local and national business outreach; local and national consumer outreach; industry(s) trade outreach; thought leadership positioning; grand opening support and outreach.

  • Media-engaging writing:

-Press release generation, media alert generation, byline drafting

  • Bi- or tri-weekly scheduled strategy calls on media updates, new angle ideas and misc. items for Client review.

  • A launch call recap, written by Company for Client within ten (10) business days after a 60-90 minute kickoff launch call, which will detail Client brand messaging and immediate PR next steps and angle ideas.

  • Coverage tracking: Company will notify Client of all news coverage generated by Company and provide Client relevant hyperlinks, any broadcast clips and PDF-version stories as available.

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Small Business PR (1 - 10 employees)
Timeframe: 3 months
Small Business PR (11-25 employees)
Mid-Market Business (26-100)
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