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WordPress Website Design/Development & Hosting is a comprehensive process that involves creating a visually appealing layout using themes and customization, installing and configuring WordPress on a web server, implementing necessary plugins and extensions, customizing themes, optimizing website performance, creating and managing content, implementing SEO best practices, choosing a reliable hosting provider, ensuring server security and performance.


Package 1: Basic WordPress Website
1 months
delivery time

Basic WordPress Website of up to 5 pages.

  • Homepage

  • About Us Page

  • Products/Services Page

  • Contact Us Page

  • Blog or Resources Page

Package 2: Advanced WordPress Website
2 months
delivery time

Advanced WordPress Website of up to 10 pages.

  • Homepage

  • About Us Page

  • Products/Services Page

  • Contact Us Page

  • Blog or Resources Page

  • + 5 additional pages (Could include Case Studies, Testimonials, FAQs, Events, Job Listings, Partner/Affiliate page, etc.)

About Tgard Solutions LLC
Marketing & Advertising
Tgard Solutions LLC, a veteran-owned digital marketing agency, empowers small businesses with tailored digital strategies and innovative marketing solutions. The agency's core values of excellence, leadership, discipline, resilience, flexibility, networking, and integrity translate into client success. Partnering with Tgard Solutions boosts digital growth and supports the veteran community, as 10% of profits are donated to veterans' causes. Services include: SEO: Boosting online visibility, enhancing search rankings, targeted keyword optimization, improving website traffic, maximizing organic reach, Google Business Profile optimization, and local SEO. Social Media Marketing: Engaging audience content, building brand awareness, social media strategy, increasing follower engagement, and multi-platform campaigns. Content Marketing: Compelling storytelling, quality content creation, audience engagement boost, brand authority building, and diverse media formats. Web Design and Development: User-friendly website design, responsive and adaptive, customized web solutions, enhancing user experience, and SEO-optimized design. Tgard Solutions delivers exceptional results that amplify sales funnels and catapult brand awareness to new heights. With a client-focused approach, data-backed solutions, and innovative, trend-leading strategies, the agency transforms digital marketing into an exciting and rewarding journey, leading clients to unprecedented success.
Company Experts
Erik Thomasgard | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Erik Thomasgard
Owner & Founder
I am an Army veteran with 25+ years of experience. I am a seasoned professional with a diverse background in operational roles, including Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operations, and Healthcare Talent Acquisition Manager. My career also spans significant positions in the U.S. Army as a senior Army Medical Department officer, where I specialized in project, program, operations, and logistics management. Known for my ability to deliver projects on time and exceed client expectations consistently, I have developed a reputation for excellence in navigating complex operational challenges and driving successful outcomes. Our goal at Tgard Solutions is to build long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust and providing value to those we serve. Our global SEO services team comes from an expansive background and has over 50+ years of SEO experience. If you work with us, you’re working with the best in the industry!
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Project Phases


There are 4 phases:

1. Discovery and Planning

2. Development & Design

3. Review & Feedback

4. Launch & Deployment



Homepage with a primary section, product/service highlights, and a brief company introduction; an About Us page detailing the company's history, mission, team, and achievements; a Products/Services page with comprehensive information and calls-to-action; a Contact Us page with a form, company details, and FAQ; and a Blog or Resources page offering valuable content and downloadable assets. Consistent branding, mobile-responsive design, SEO-friendly content, analytics integration, basic accessibility compliance, and social media integration for an optimal user experience.

What Is Included:
  • Homepage:

    • Engaging section with a compelling headline, brief description of the business, and a call-to-action (CTA)

    • Highlights of key products/services

    • Brief introduction to the company's mission and values

    • Featured blog post or resource

    • Navigation menu and footer with links to other pages and social media profiles

  • About Us Page:

    • Detailed company history, mission, and vision

    • Information about the team, including photos, bios, and roles

    • Company milestones and achievements

    • Testimonials or case studies showcasing success stories

    • Call-to-action to encourage further engagement

  • Products/Services Page:

    • Comprehensive list or catalog of products/services offered

    • Detailed descriptions, images, and pricing for each product/service

    • Unique selling points and benefits of each offering

    • Optional features such as product filters, search functionality, or comparison tools

    • Call-to-action for each product/service, guiding visitors to purchase or inquire

  • Contact Us Page:

    • Contact form for inquiries, feedback, or support

    • Company contact information, including address, phone number, and email

    • Embedded map showing the company's location

    • Social media links and newsletter signup form

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section addressing common concerns

  • Blog or Resources Page:

    • Regular blog posts featuring industry insights, company news, or helpful guides

    • Categorized or tagged blog posts for easy navigation

    • Search functionality to find specific topics or keywords

    • Downloadable resources such as whitepapers, eBooks, or case studies

    • Call-to-action to encourage blog post sharing or newsletter signup

Additional elements to consider:

  • Consistent branding and design across all pages

  • Mobile-responsive layout for optimal viewing on various devices

  • SEO-friendly content, headers, and meta descriptions

  • Integration with analytics tools to track website performance

  • Compliance with accessibility guidelines (e.g., WCAG)

  • Privacy policy and terms of service pages

  • Social media integration and sharing options

  • Fast loading speed and optimized images for improved user experience

What Is NOT Included:

The following are not included in the scope:

1. Ongoing maintenance and updates. A separate package can be purchased for that.

2. Domain registration & Hosting setup. Client must purchase their own domain. Recommend purchasing from or Hosting can be provided at an additional cost.

3. SEO Optimization. The website will be built with SEO friendly content, headers and meta descriptions, but full SEO optimization is not part of this scope.

4. Training and Support. Training and support are not part of this package. A separate monthly training, maintenance, support package can be purchased.

5. Unlimited revisions. This package includes only one revision session after the draft website is built. A separate package can be purchased for additional revisions.

6. Copywriting and editing. The client is responsible for providing website copy.

7. Custom photos or video. The client is responsible for any custom photos of video for the website.

8. Unlimited Integrations. Certain free integrations can be included. Any custom paid integrations will be at an additional cost.

9. Logo Design or Branding. Client is responsible for providing logo design and branding colors.

10. Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing are not included.

11. Multilingual website development.

12. Accessibility compliance beyond basic best practices.

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Package 1: Basic WordPress Website
Timeframe: 1 months
Package 2: Advanced WordPress Website
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