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Every business should have email nurturing journeys for key customer segments and referral partners. Entering your customers and prospects into automated nurturing campaigns keep your brand and services top of mind. It's a noisy world but you can break through with engaging content and consistency.


Email Marketing Journey Mapping
1 months
delivery time

Professionally written emails for each identified stage in the email journey blueprint. Each email is tailored to engage, inform, or call the subscriber to action, depending on the pathway stage.

Email Marketing Journey Mapping + Written Email Content
1 months
delivery time

With this upgraded package of support we will both map the emails you need to engage your target audience and then write all of the copy for 10 emails. Each email is tailored to engage, inform, or call the subscriber to action, depending on the pathway stage.

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Project Phases


1. INTRO CALL: We set up a Zoom consultation to understand the client’s current email marketing status, goals, target audience, and any specific challenges. This call can be scheduled here.

2. SEND DEPOSIT INVOICE: Once the client has committed to the project, we send a deposit invoice for half the total projected amount.

3. EMAIL PATHWAY BLUEPRINT CREATION: Based on our initial consultation, we draft a preliminary Email Pathway Blueprint. This includes potential touchpoints and segments. The client reviews and provides feedback, then we refine until the blueprint aligns with client expectations.

4. EMAIL CREATION: Our team of writers crafts engaging content for each stage identified in the Blueprint. We ensure each email aligns with client’s brand voice, desired actions, and overall marketing goals.

5. SEND COMPLETED EMAILS: We send over the email content pieces in a Google doc or a Word doc (whichever the client prefers).

6. REVISIONS: Two rounds of edits are always included as standard, with our objective being to always try to get it right the first time, of course. We will edit each email until it is to the client’s liking. Note: We reserve the right to restructure our relationship with any client who insists on an above-average amount of revisions.

7. FINAL APPROVAL: Upon finalizing the email content, we present the full package: the Email Pathway. Blueprint accompanied by the expected number of emails. We work to ensure you have a clear roadmap for how and when to use each email.



Create intricate mapping of email pathways tailored to client subscribers. Craft compelling email content, ensuring a harmonized subscriber experience.

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Email Marketing Journey Mapping
Timeframe: 1 months
Email Marketing Journey Mapping + Written Email Content
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