Our Marketing Audit packages are designed to provide an in-depth analysis of your current marketing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and help you achieve greater market impact and ROI. These packages are tailored for businesses seeking clarity and efficiency in their marketing efforts, ensuring all activities are aligned with their strategic goals.


Standard Marketing Audit
5 weeks
delivery time


  • Initial Consultation: Discuss company basics, target audience, and primary marketing goals.

  • Selected Data Collection: Focus on collecting key marketing materials such as digital campaigns and major social media platforms.

  • Targeted Audit Analysis: Analyze key aspects of the marketing strategy, focusing on digital and social media performance.

  • Simplified Audit Report: Provide a report highlighting major insights and recommendations for critical areas.


  • Simplified marketing audit report with key findings

  • Overview of digital and social media performance

  • Presentation of critical insights and recommendations

Comprehensive Marketing Audit
7 weeks
delivery time


  • Initial Consultation: Discuss in-depth about the company, target audience, competitors, and audit goals.

  • Full Data Collection: Collect all relevant marketing materials and performance data.

  • Complete Audit Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive review of your marketing strategy, digital effectiveness, content engagement, and competitor analysis.

  • Detailed Audit Report: Provide a detailed report with findings, insights, and actionable recommendations.

  • Review Meeting: Detailed discussion of the audit results and recommendations.


  • Comprehensive marketing audit report

  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking

  • Full presentation of findings with actionable strategies

About Chameleon Communications
Marketing & Advertising
Chameleon Communications is a dynamic digital marketing and video production agency that specializes in bringing brands to life through innovative storytelling and cutting-edge technology. Our team excels in blending traditional storytelling with modern media techniques to create engaging narratives that resonate with audiences. Video Production: Our expertise in video production is characterized by the use of the latest media technologies, including FPV drones, time-lapses, and the responsible integration of artificial intelligence. We focus on crafting visually stunning and creative video content that effectively conveys your brand's story, tailored for optimal social media distribution. Web Development: We provide comprehensive web development services designed to reflect your brand’s personality and values. Our approach involves creating intuitive, aesthetically pleasing websites that are also functional and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless digital experience for all visitors. Social Media Management: Understanding the power of social media, we manage platforms with the aim of enhancing brand visibility and engagement. Our strategies are crafted to project your brand's voice and engage with your target audience in a meaningful way. Branding & Rebranding: Our branding services are focused on developing a cohesive identity that captures your brand’s essence. Whether crafting a new brand or reimagining an existing one, we work closely with you to ensure that the brand identity aligns with your business goals and appeals to your desired clientele. At Chameleon Communications, our commitment to quality and creativity drives us to deliver outstanding results that help our clients stand out in their respective industries. Whether it's through video, digital, or visual branding, we ensure that every project we undertake is infused with originality and aligned with our clients' strategic objectives.
Company Experts
Olivia Mahone | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Olivia Mahone
Marketing Representative
Meet Olivia Mahone, the creative dynamo at Chameleon Communications! Specializing in social media planning, content creation, and graphic design consulting, Olivia transforms ideas into engaging visual stories that captivate and inspire. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for event planning, she ensures every campaign and event is unforgettable. At Chameleon, Olivia isn't just a marketing representative; she's a strategic storyteller ready to elevate your brand to dazzling heights. Get ready to be wowed!
Haley Ott | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Haley Ott
Social Media Manager
Introducing Haley Ott, the social media maestro at Chameleon Communications! As the resident expert in social media management, Haley crafts campaigns that resonate and engage, turning followers into fans with her strategic prowess. With a deep understanding of digital trends and a passion for interactive content, she ensures that every post and tweet is a step towards building a stronger brand presence. At Chameleon, Haley is more than just a manager; she's a digital architect, designing experiences that connect and captivate. Brace yourself for impact!
["Digital Marketing"]
Tony Meister | Solutions Marketplace | ShapeConnect
Tony Meister
Chief Lizard
As a veteran who served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Tony Meister brings an enthusiastic and adaptable approach to life and business. His leadership and management experiences onboard the carrier, combined with visiting several countries, have shaped his global perspective. As an IT leader at a Fortune 500 company, he led a team of 30 in high-level technical implementations. Now, as the founder of Chameleon, Tony combines military discipline, business acumen, and creative zeal to craft compelling brand stories for businesses like Easter Seals and Willis Towers Watson. Tony’s experience of being launched from the deck by a steam catapult over the Mediterranean Sea upon his honorable discharge symbolizes his daring spirit. His diverse experiences, from drawing Michelangelo’s David in Florence to exploring the pyramids of Egypt, enrich the narratives he creates. At Chameleon, Tony is dedicated to showcasing the unique stories of each brand.
BA, Business Marketing, Lubar College of Business; FAA 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License ; Six Sigma Greenbelt, GE HealthCare, Issued Nov 2003 Issued Nov 2003, Credential ID 152225-169659; Community Building Workshop - Certificate of Completion
["Marketing","Digital Marketing","Web Development"]

Project Phases


Regardless of the specific audit package selected, each project will involve three core phases that are fundamental to the process. These phases ensure a systematic approach to understanding, analyzing, and providing actionable feedback on your marketing efforts.

1. Initial Consultation
Purpose: Establish a comprehensive understanding of your company, including its products, geography, target audience, and strategic goals. This phase sets the foundation for the audit by identifying key areas of focus and gathering essential information to tailor the audit process effectively. Activities: Discussion about company background, goals, strengths, weaknesses, competitors, and specific audit objectives.
2. Data Collection
Purpose: Gather all relevant marketing materials and performance data that will be the basis for the audit analysis. This phase is crucial for ensuring that the audit has a complete view of your current marketing activities and their outcomes. Activities: Collection of marketing content such as email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, sales brochures, and any associated performance metrics.
3. Audit Analysis and Reporting
Purpose: Analyze the collected data to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and identify areas for improvement. This phase culminates in the creation of a detailed report that provides both insights and actionable recommendations tailored to your business needs. Activities: Detailed analysis of your marketing strategies, content quality, audience engagement, and competitive standing. Preparation of an audit report that outlines findings, insights, and recommendations.
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Standard Marketing Audit
Timeframe: 5 weeks
Comprehensive Marketing Audit
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